We craft steadfast products for every journey of discovery and reflection. 


FEJ is for every journey. Ours began the moment we set our intention to travel to Makkah, the heartland of Islam. There we found the beating heart of a community in search of forgiveness, peace and oneness. 

Every face conveyed a unique journey full of adversity and hope. Yet despite the differences between us, in that moment, it was impossible to escape the profound realization that we were all one and the same. A kindred soul. 

Wether it’s to Makkah or the remote corners of the world, we draw inspiration from the paths that brave souls take in search of truth, knowledge and reflection. We created FEJ with a singular purpose: crafting steadfast products to accompany your greatest journeys, and maybe life itself. 

Founded in 2014 by life-long friends Mohamed and Yezin, FEJ is a specialty outdoor brand that produces innovative products with quality, comfort and ingenuity in mind. They’re based in Montreal (Quebec), Canada's creative design capital.