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Article: "Like a Cloud" - Introducing the Saháb 1+ Journey Pack

"Like a Cloud" - Introducing the Saháb 1+ Journey Pack

"Like a Cloud" - Introducing the Saháb 1+ Journey Pack

As we approach Hajj 2024, we are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our High-Performance Hajj & Umrah Gear collection – the Saháb 1+ Journey Pack!

Our latest addition to FEJ Gear's range of High Performance Hajj & Umrah Gear draws inspiration from the Arabic word for cloud, "sahaab" (سحاب). Nothing compares to the feeling of standing under a cloud like the Saháb 1+ does. It is a source of effortless shade and robust protection from the elements. 


The Evolution of the Solar Visor:

The Saháb 1+ is a 14L low-profile, lightweight, and weather-resistant backpack, equipped with a built-in retractable solar visor and an integrated hydration system, marks a significant evolution from our original Journey 1+. In collaboration with Sonnenger, a design workshop specializing in sun-protection workwear, FEJ Gear proudly presents a limited production run of the Saháb 1+, exclusively available for pre-order for Hajj 2025

Unlocking the Next Level of Comfort:

Since the inception of our Journey+ series, we've had the privilege of consulting with thousands of customers about their experiences with FEJ Gear's Journey Packs, particularly the solar visor. In designing the Saháb 1+, our focus was on enhancing the portability of the solar visor, fortifying its solar protection functionality, and expanding its weather-protection capabilities. We aimed to integrate crucial features like the solar visor and hydration system directly into the product, eliminating the need for separate purchases. Our emphasis was also on maximizing wearer comfort through improved airflow, ventilation channels, and breathable shoulder straps. The Saháb 1+ represents a significant leap in comfort and functionality.

What Sets Saháb 1+ Apart?

Retractable Canopy The Saháb 1+ boasts a more compact visor canopy design anchored by a sturdy telescopic aluminum frame. This innovative design allows the solar visor to be easily expanded for use and neatly collapsed for storage. The adjustable height feature ensures personalized coverage in various conditions, making the Saháb 1+ your reliable companion, rain or shine.

Hydration System Staying hydrated is paramount, especially in desert environments. The Saháb 1+ introduces a dedicated insulated sleeve for a 3L hydration reservoir. The insulated hydration tube ensures your first sip is cool and refreshing. With a silicone bite valve for easy drinking, the tube can be conveniently hooked onto the chest strap when not in use.

Lightweight and Airy Understanding the importance of comfort during outdoor adventures, the Saháb 1+ features an ergonomic foam back panel with large air channels for optimal airflow and evaporative cooling. The X-shaped shoulder straps, made with custom perforated foam panels, provide support while reducing sweat buildup.

Storage and Capacity The Saháb 1+ offers ample storage and organization space. Its top-loading main compartment includes dedicated sections for a hydration bladder, laptop, hidden anti-theft pocket, separate shoe/sandal compartment, and two easily accessible anti-theft pockets on the waist-belt for essentials like your phone, energy bars, hotel keys, and cash.

Durability Tested Years of rigorous testing in diverse outdoor environments ensure FEJ Gear products are built to withstand the elements, guaranteeing longevity and reliability for your spiritual journeys and life adventures.

Side Profile 

Getting Your Saháb 1+ Journey Pack:

Secure your Saháb 1+ Journey Pack during our limited-time pre-order campaign on our website. This is a custom production run with very limited inventory. The pre-order price is $119 (retail $149). Shipments will commence in early April 2025 to ensure delivery in time for Hajj 2025 departures. 


And here's an extra incentive: share this pre-order campaign with 10 or more family or friends, and receive a complimentary Reflector Kit system for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.

We'd like to extend heartfelt thank you to the FEJ Gear community for steadfastly supporting our mission to be the leaders in High-Performance Hajj & Umrah Gear!

If you have any questions, or would like to order the Saháb 1+ for your Hajj & Umrah group, please reach out to for details.  

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