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Hajj Agencies & Groups

Raise the bar. Make an impression. 

FEJ Gear’s line of premium Hajj & Umrah products are carefully engineered to anticipate the needs of pilgrims on their Journey to Makkah. 

Your customers rely on your experience to give them the highest standard of service and support on their spiritual journey. It should be no different for the supplies that you equip them with. 

Not only does providing your customers with FEJ Gear’s Journey II Hajj & Umrah backpack make a great first impression, it will give them an essential tool that will make their trip safer and more comfortable. We know that by making life easier for the Hajjis, we also make it easier for organizers. 

We also offer various options to brand and customize the Journey II backpack so that your customers can have the perfect souvenir to remember their incredible journey with your Hajj & Umrah group. 

To learn how our High Performance Hajj Gear can make real difference in your customer’s Hajj & Umrah experience, reach out to for more information.