OUr Hajjis deserve the absolute best...

It’s with this uncompromising belief that FEJ was born. From inception we envisioned a global brand to guide a new wave of ingenuity in the way millions of pilgrims experienced the journey to Makkah. 

For every Muslim, the Hajj & Umrah is a spiritual quest for forgiveness, peace and oneness that unites millions of pilgrims in the sacred heartland of Islam. But like all transformational journeys, the “fifth pillar" comes with daunting challenges, hardships and risks. 

We experienced these first-hand on our own journey through Makkah’s harsh desert environment. We trekked miles of crowded roadways, scaled rocky mountains, slept out in the open and came precariously close to our limits. 

We realized not all hardships are equal. Some were unavoidable - but others were caused by poor preparation and faulty products. We saw thousands needlessly suffer from products that were not designed for, nor capable of handling the Hajj. It was time to step up and change our condition. 

FEJ is the pioneering brand behind High Performance Hajj Gear. Our dynamic team of inventors, scientists and designers are dedicated to bringing cutting-edge innovations in material and design to our range of Hajj & Umrah products. 

We do it because, like you, so many who are near and dear to us will be making the Hajj pilgrimage this year. Whether it’s a parent, sibling, aunt or friend, our commitment to them is our commitment to you. Your comfort, your convenience, your safety. You deserve the absolute best - and we exist to bring the absolute best to you. 

Fi Amanillah, 

Yezin Al-Qaysi, Founder